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Lemon Law Small Claims?
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What is "small claims" court?
Small claims court is a user-friendly, inexpensive alternative designed to give citizens a venue to have their case heard by a qualified judge.  In most cases, Small Claims Court is not the best venue for issues arising under the California Lemon Law.  However, there are many situations where Small Claims Court is the correct venue for you.  If you purchased a car from a private party and later learned the seller misrepresented the true nature and condition of the car, did not disclose prior accident damage, or failed to provide you with a current smog certificate, small claims may be the correct venue for your case.

However, if you purchase your vehicle from an auto dealership and either it has been back to the shop several times for warranty repair issues, or you believe there was fraud involved with the sale of the vehicle, i.e., rolled back odometer, undisclosed accident damage, or other misrepresentations about the vehicle, call our office for a FREE CONSULTATION 1-888-805-3666.

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